Building Torre Metrópolis II, Tegucigalpa, Honduras.

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Credit Line

1. Term loans: Tailor-made solutions to the client based on their needs: working capital, fixed investment, social housing and rural finance. Expiration to three years.

2. Additional Loan: New disbursements are allowed according to the client institution’s ability to pay and its financial indicators that allow a new loan, in addition to the one you are already repaying.

3. Revolver Line of Credit: An assessment of the Institution’s financial performance will be conducted annually to maintain, increase, decrease or cancel the Credit Line. The revolving is that amortized capital balances can be disbursed again without exceeding 100% of the original approved amount.

4. Lend in Local Currency: According to the availability of funds you can opt for financing in local currency.


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Phone: (504) 2270-7090