Building Torre Metrópolis II, Tegucigalpa, Honduras.

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Company B

SICSA obtained its Certification from Company B, Certified Companies B are businesses that achieve high standards of social and environmental performance, public transparency, legal responsibility to balance profit and purpose, all of which are verifiable. Therefore System B does not evaluate only the product or service that is provided, but the positive impact that is achieved in general terms of the Entity. Certified Companies B are those that have achieved at least the verifiable minimum rating of Impact Assessment B, which is a rigorous assessment of the company’s impact on its employees, customers, community and environment.
This process began in 2017 with the GIIRS impact assessment, which recognizes those business models designed to solve social or environmental problems, and also evaluates its governance and operational practices. In this year SICSA obtained an Impact Silver rating of a scale of 4 steps (Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum), which allowed to advance to the next stage of qualification that was to apply for a Certification as a Company B.

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