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initiatives in rural areas with greater participation of
employment-generating women.
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socially responsible
Second Tier Company
Socially responsible
second-tier company in the
microfinance industry.
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industry with
friendly products and services.
microfinance environmentally


MicroRate is the first specialized microfinance rating agency recognized by the regulatory entity of the Peruvian financial system (Superintendency of Banking, Insurance and AFP). MicroRate obtains authorization to perform credit risk ratings on local financial entities.

The Institutional Rating in Microfinance (MIR, for its acronym in English), issued with an international note, provides an opinion on the viability and long-term institutional sustainability of the financial institution.

Identify strengths and weaknesses in key areas such as Corporate Governance, Operations, Portfolio Quality, Internal Control, Financial Profile. It is an excellent letter of introduction to various economic agents and investors and financers interested in the sector.

The Credit Rating at the local level, issues an opinion on the financial capacity of the organization to timely meet its obligations to creditors. The report is aligned with the requirements of the Superintendency of Banking and Insurance, established for supervised entities and deposit-takings from the public.

Social Rating, measures the social performance of a financial institution and its degree of alignment, in general terms, with international standards of social performance management (Social Performance Task Force – SPTF), and customer protection (Smart Campaign). It favors the reputation and institutional image in addition to the diversification of funding among creditors seeking double returns (financial-social).

Portfolio Certification, seeks to identify the risk level of the loan portfolio in financial entities. Issues an opinion on the reasonableness of the reported portfolio quality indicators and analyzes relevant aspects of the credit process. This report is useful for providers of funds / investors interested in validating the risk of the loan portfolio in financial entities. For the Senior Management of financial institutions, it allows monitoring the management of their main asset.

International Principles of Client Protection.

Empresas B (Type B Companies)

SICSA was Certified in 2019.

Type B companies are committed to society and the environment. The main objective of company model B is to promote positive change at a social, economic or environmental level, but without ceasing to generate the growth, profits and employment that traditional companies provide.