Financial Inclusion We promote
initiatives in rural areas with greater participation of
employment-generating women.
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socially responsible
Second Tier Company
Socially responsible
second-tier company in the
microfinance industry.
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industry with
friendly products and services.
microfinance environmentally


“SICSA A financial company in the Central American and Caribbean region, recognized for the quality of its financial products and services, oriented to the needs of microfinance institutions, serving micro, medium and small businesses in the region.”


First-tier entities that serve the micro, small, and medium-sized business sector, facilitating financing in appropriate conditions, promoting productive units that generate employment and financial inclusion for vulnerable sectors, especially in rural areas with a larger population of women.



The Central American Microfinance Network (REDCAMIF) with the purpose of supporting the development of the microenterprise sector of the different areas of economic activity (trade, services and especially production) in the region and, consequently, contribute to improving the living conditions of the less favored layers of the population, undertook the initiative of forming a financial institution aimed at facilitating credit resources that, through the institutions affiliated to the Networks, can reach this sector and promote important changes that boost their economic activity. This initiative was materialized in the development of the Sociedad de Inversiones para la Microempresa en Centroamérica y el Caribe S.A., SICSA in 2006.

SICSA marks an important milestone in the history of microfinance in the region, because in addition to being of a different nature from the efforts made and carried out to date by its promoters, it has the characteristics and potential of an institution renowned for its efforts. carried out by the Central American Network and consolidate itself as a company that in the medium and long term has an important participation in the development of Microfinance Institutions (MFIs) and the industry, highlighting the importance and the correctness of the efforts that are being made today. perform from another perspective.


Company Name: Change of name of the Company in compliance with Panamanian laws that limit the use of the name “Investment Companies”. The General Shareholders’ Meeting in March 2012 agreed to establish the new name of the Company from the date of registration in the Republic of Panama, as follows: Sociedad para la Inclusión de la Microempresa en Centroamérica y el Caribe SA, SICSA (the new name maintains the same initials that identify the Company). The domicile of the Company continues to be the Republic of Panama with the powers to continue or be reincorporated in any other jurisdiction and it may open branches or agencies and other offices within or outside the Republic of Panama. Its operational offices are located in Tegucigalpa, Honduras.


SICSA began its credit operations in 2010 with funds from the capital paid by the shareholders in that year plus the resources of US $ 7.3 Million from the financing of AECID / ICO through its specialized microfinance program. As of that date, SICSA has disbursed more than US $ 100.0 Million in no less than 80 MFIs, counting at the end of 2022 with 34 active MFIs of which 85% are among small and medium-sized companies. Of these, at least 60% of them have rural financing programs and 62% of the clients served in the region, which exceed 200 thousand clients, are women. SICSA has provided solid and consistent corporate governance in accordance with competitive demand and, although it is not a regulated entity, it acts as an entity under supervision through a corporate self – regulation scheme. It has the proper operational structure with personnel with more than 20 years of experience in the region’s microfinance sector and, in addition, it has an advantageous position by virtue of its location in the area of ​​influence in which its programs are implemented.


Lic. Aníbal Antonio Montoya Rodríguez
General Manager

A warm welcome to you who visit us on our institutional page of this Society for the Inclusion of Micro and Small Enterprises in Central America and the Caribbean S.A., SICSA. We are glad to hear of your interest in us and it is a pleasure to share with you our business and social responsibility work that characterizes this entity created with the purpose of offering viable opportunities to microfinance entities in the region aimed at contributing to the improvement in the quality of life. of thousands of businessmen and women from the microenterprise sector, favoring our presence in rural regions and encouraged to incorporate into our services female entrepreneurs who generate employment and sustainability for their families.