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A warm welcome to you who visit us on our institutional page of this Society for the Inclusion of Micro and Small Enterprises in Central America and the Caribbean S.A., SICSA. We are glad to hear of your interest in us and it is a pleasure to share with you our business and social responsibility work that characterizes this entity created with the purpose of offering viable opportunities to microfinance entities in the region aimed at contributing to the improvement in the quality of life. of thousands of businessmen and women from the microenterprise sector, favoring our presence in rural regions and encouraged to incorporate into our services female entrepreneurs who generate employment and sustainability for their families. Our granted services are innovative and their design and implementation responds to accepted standards of environmental care, financial inclusion and community participation under equal conditions for the sake of individual and family development that implies generating opportunities for children, having knowledge and facilities to study and aspire to better positions in professional fields and generators of wealth for future generations.

SICSA is an initiative of visionary men and women authors of an institutional framework that has managed to open space and global recognition for the incorporation of opportunities within the microfinance industry for the Central American and Caribbean region through the creation of the Central American Microfinance Network. of Central America and the Caribbean REDCAMIF and from that initiative, install a financial arm such as SICSA that for a decade has impacted the lives of about 200 thousand customers, having disbursed about US $ 100.0 million in the last decade using at least some 80 Microfinance Institutions (MFIs) adhered to national networks and other unaffiliated entities, being the only regional entity specially dedicated to generating opportunities and financial inclusion for small and medium-sized MFIs.

This initiative has been duly accompanied since its inception at the dawn of the last decade by a select group of internationally recognized organizations, such as the Spanish Cooperation Office for International Development and the Official Credit Institute (AECID / ICO); Inter-American Development Bank (IDB | LAB), Blue Orchard, CORDAID, SIDI, Bamboo, National Microfinance Networks of Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama and legal and private investors, having provided resources in capital investment and financing resources, close to US $ 25.0 million.

We thank our shareholders, business partners, representatives of the entities that make up corporate governance, the team of executives that make up the highly effective operating structure, and our colleagues and friends who honor us by browsing our institutional page where we share the same goal. to facilitate opportunities for entrepreneurs in the microenterprise sector to improve their living conditions.

Welcome everyone.